Efficient and Effective Audits

Over the past 40 years, Canady & Canady has earned a stellar reputation as an elite provider of efficient and effective audits of community associations and non-profit organizations.  We partner with management companies and association boards to strengthen an organization’s internal controls and financial operations. Leveraging this strength in the communication association industry, the firm has developed expertise in the auditing of real estate development and property management industries.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Canady & Canady provides a broad range of tax planning and preparation services to its clients in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors.  We help organizations secure tax exemptions (federal income tax, franchise tax, and sales tax).  We help homeowners’ associations recover sales tax paid in error.  In addition, we help non-profit organizations, businesses, and their owners prepare and submit their annual tax returns.  For all our clients, the goal is tax minimization and regulatory compliance.

Consulting & Problem Solving

Our consulting and business advisory services include helping clients install financial systems, improve internal controls, perform reserve funding analyses, and solve business and tax problems as they arise.  Our industry specific business advisory services focus on helping organizations in the non-profit, community association, retail, construction, real estate, and medical professions.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

We provide bookkeeping and payroll services to community associations, management companies, and small business owners.  We produce monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports for our clients and work on our client’s behalf to ensure regulatory compliance.  Our payroll service is a cost-effective alternative to doing it in-house.  We make the conversion process easy and efficient.