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Qualities to Look for in a Houston Business Accountant

Are you looking for efficient accounting services for your business? Then, we, at Canady & Canady, can help. We can provide small businesses with the right advice regarding tax services, bookkeeping, client personnel matters, liquidation of discontinued business, monthly accounting, or financial statement preparation etc. So, if you are looking for an accountant inHouston, whom you can trust with your business, we are always there for you. But, how will you choose the right accountant for your needs? Here, we have enlisted a few qualities of the right accountant. Take a look.

Organizational Skills

An accountant must be updated with data, figures, and all kinds of requisite paperwork in their daily tasks. They should be organized with their work so as to rapidly find every information they need, find time for smooth research and analysis without any disruption, thereby enabling maximum productivity.


Accountants have to constantly deal with numbers and figures. So, if they do not give enough attention to the detailing, then they might make mistakes in calculations. So, the due diligence for accuracy and an eye for the details should be an essential part of their modus operandi.


Accountants deal with sensitive and confidential information. So, he or she should be extremely careful while handling such data and must not give out any knowledge or information regarding your business to any third party. Such an ethical way of accounting the business must be mandatory to an accountant.

Time-Management Skills

An accountant is required to make effective strategies and showcase phenomenal decision-making skills. Therefore, they are bound to have very busy schedules. Apart from financial management, they have to be involved in various other functions. So, they should be able to manage their time and prioritize the responsibilities easily.

So, if you want to hire an accountant like this, then quickly contact us at the earliest.

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