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Tax Preparation and Preparers in Houston, TX

What is a tax preparer?
A tax preparer is a person whose job is to return taxes to people or to companies. This job can be done by a taxpayer, an attorney or a certified public accountant.

The tasks of a tax preparer

The primary responsibility of a tax preparer is to prepare or assist in preparing tax returns for a person or a business, making sure that the returns are made in due time. A very important task of a tax preparer is to review financial records, like income statements and documentation of expenditures, because everything has to be done in accordance with the law. They also need to make sure people do not pay unnecessary taxes, and give them financial solutions to their problems.

Another important task of a tax preparer is to check and verify present and past documents in order to have a correct image on the financial situation.
They also need to be able to work with the clients, as there are many complaints coming from clients. Their job is to solve people’s problems, offering solutions to their difficulties. They also promote their services and products. They work on computers, so very good computer skills are required in this domain. Tax preparers use electronic software to calculate taxes or to return taxes. The customer has to get a copy of the return tax document, as a proof that the transaction has been completed.

The job of a tax preparer is mostly computer-related, being quite difficult as he or she has to work with numbers, always calculating, which can be quite tiresome.
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