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Accounting Services in Houston, TX and surrounding areas

Outsourced accounting services benefit small business owners In each business or organization, there are important services that support and complement your core business and accounting services is one of them. Canady & Canady provide accounting services to small and medium sized businesses and organizations throughout Houston. They provide accounting services to both commercial businesses and non-profit organisations.

There are many non-core services that lend them well to outsourcing. Office cleaning is a good example. Accounting services is another. If you had to employ a full-time bookkeeper you will be saddled with a new overhead and all the admin and legal issues that go with that. The employment process itself is time-consuming and full of risks. When you outsource your accounting services you are not locked into a long-term contract. You don’t have to deal with hassles and complications of employment. You also get more than just bookkeeping service – you get a comprehensive range of accounting services including bookkeeping, monthly accounts, cashflow and taxation.

Accounting is an important pillar of any successful business and business owners benefit when this work is done by a professional firm. With proper accounts a business owner can see where there can be revenue improvements and where expenses can be trimmed. Compliance and proper tax planning and submission is another important aspect of proper accounting and financial management.

Many auditing firms offers outsourced accounting services on either a fixed fee or percentage of turnover basis. Either way outsourced accounting services will cost you less than full-time in-house resources and will free you from the administrative and legal implication of in-house employment.

If you are a small business owner you need advice and assistance with starting up, maintaining a set of accounts, proper record keeping, profitability, cashflow, taxation and many related matters. This is best done by a firm of CPAs. When you deal with an auditing firm, you get more than just bookkeeping.