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If you are about to start a new business in the upcoming months, then you need to hire employees for different roles. One of the major departments in a company is the accounts department, and for that you need an efficient accountant. Every company, be it small or big, has accountants, for book-keeping and also look after the overall finance of a company. Without an accountant, you won’t be able to track the money you are investing on something or the money that’s being credited to your company’s account. In fact, an accountant will also help you make sound financial decisions, audit and other legal issues. Hence, if you haven’t yet hired an accountant, please do it as soon as possible. And, in case you lack money to appoint a full-time accountant, worry not; Canady & Canady is to your rescue. Why Canady & Canady “stands out” among other accounting services in Houston? Canady & Canady is surely not the only companies in Houston that can help you solve your company’s account-oriented issues. But, this particular company possesses certain qualities that no other company has. Want to know what makes our company Canady & Canady standout among the other accounting service providers? Well, then take a look.

  • • Immense experience- In Houston, there are not many companies who have experience in providing accounting services. But, we are glad to tell you that our company, Canady & Canady is one of those very few companies that have an experience for over 30 years. Hence, if you avail accounting services from us, be rest assured that our team of experienced professionals will never let you down.
  • • Wide variety of services- If you are thinking that we excel at providing just basic accounting services then you are mistaken. We can provide you with a couple of other services too, such as Auditing, Tax preparation and planning, Exemption from sales tax, franchise taxes and federal income tax for non-profit entities and etc. We also cater to a wide variety of clients in Houston, which includes people from the construction business, medical professionals and real estate professionals.
Now, when you know what makes us “standout” among other similar service providers in Houston, wait no more. Immediately contact us by calling at 713-783-1021. To know more, you can check our website too.